Tree Stump Grinding

Although we also offer stump and tree removal, we mostly specialize in a full stump grinding service. Whether you’re trying to get rid of that old stump in your yard due to safety hazards, landscaping plans, are purely for the aesthetic value, we are the ones for the job. Getting rid of tree stumps on your property will give you the benefit of improved property value and increased curb appeal. If you’re looking for someone to take care of your stump grinding, you can count on us as your local tree service for stump removal.

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    Small Stump Removal

    For those who only need to remove small tree stumps, we also provide a service for you. In our arsenal of machinery we have full sized stump grinders for bigger jobs, but we also have small stump grinders that can fit through spaces with a width of down to 36 inches. This stump grinder can fit through narrow gates to reach that small tree stump that needs removal. If you’ve got small trees that have sprouted up that need removing, that is also a service we provide. And you can take advantage of the fact we’re already there to get the small stump ground up immediately.

    Large Stump Removal

    We also provide premium large tree stump services. A large tree stump grinder is attached to the back of a truck or tractor, known as a tow-behind unit. This type tree stump grinder is capable of grinding down the largest of stumps. We give you the option to choose how deep you want us to grind your stump, and we’re capable of grinding it all the way down to 8 inches deep which allows you to cover the land up with soil again so you can plant grass or flowers over the spot.

    Tips On Measuring Stumps

    If you are calling us to get a quote on removing stumps, here's a handy tip on how to properly measure your stump so we know how large the stump is in regards to how long the process will take for us to grind it down.  Grab your measuring tape and measure the widest diameter above the ground, from where the roots are. This way we will be able to provide you with a more accurate quote on getting it removed. If in doubt, just give us a call. 

    Small Stump Removal Massachusetts

    Call the experts for getting rid of tree stumps

    You might have thought of trying to get rid of your tree stump on your own, but let me tell you right now that it’s probably not a good idea. Most non-professionals who have tried to get rid of a stump on their own have ended up ruining their property, damaging their power tools, and some have even gotten hurt trying different DIY home methods of stump removal. It’s always a safe and sure option to hire licensed professional tree care experts to do this kind of work instead of endeavoring to do it all on your own.

    We service both Residential and Commercial properties

    Whether you’ve got stray tree stumps in your garden at home or at your commercial property, you’re in luck! We don’t only service residential properties, but commercial ones too. All our man power and equipment is available for hire for tree removal, stump removal, and most importantly, stump grinding. If you have any acquaintances or friends who are in need of stump grinding on their property as well, feel free to refer them to our website. Get in contact with us today if you're searching online for "stump grinding near me"! Give us a call and get us to come over and give you a free estimate.