Stump Grinding Lexington MA

While trees are a huge benefit to a property, stumps aren’t much more than a nuisance and an eye-sore. That’s why stump grinding might be the best solution for you if you’ve got tree stumps in your yard. Our tree stump grinding services are available all over Massachusetts, including Lexington. The great thing about stump grinding is that it keeps you from having to use chemicals to decompose the stump which you would otherwise need to use in stump removal. It’s the greener option that’s better for the environment. Not to mention it’s a lot more affordable!

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    In a situation where stump grinding won’t cut it, you will probably need to settle for stump removal. Stump removal is a more extensive process that involves taking the entire stump out by the roots. This is the preferred option if you’re planning on paving a patio, building a swimming pool or planting another tree in its place. Lucky for you, our tree stump removal service is available for hire in Lexington too.

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